Steel merchants

Steel merchants Lincoln

Timmins Engineering stock lengths of steel available to buy off the shelf, fabricated or not.

As a traditional steel frame building manufacturer, we can also supply our CE certificated steel direct to builders and contractors. Timmins are CE certified to execution class 3, where as most firms are class 2.

Our expert team can help you to get your project underway, with high-quality products and efficient, professional services. We are always happy to offer our knowledge and advice for any project – whether you are looking at renovating an existing building, or looking to build something from scratch.

Choose from a range of

  • Universal beams
  • Universal columns
  • Sheet steel
  • Flat bar & plate
  • Profiling
  • Steel detailing
  • Angle
  • Box section
  • Rectangle box section
  • Steel tubes
  • Round bars
  • T-sections