We are famous for our steel farm, cattle and livestock buildings

Here at Timmins we have designed and developed buildings across many industries. Our forte is the agriculture sector, where we are experienced manufacturers of steel kit farm sheds, farm buildings, cattle sheds, grain stores, pig sheds and more.

There are many known benefits from building with steel which include the design flexibility, sustainability and most notably the cost savings involved. Steel buildings are resistant to fire, corrosion, they simply do not rust nor do they need to be treated with harsh chemicals.

They are also susceptible to pests, insects cannot make steel structures their home – which is why they make the perfect solution for farm sheds, cattle sheds and grain stores which are honey traps for pests. Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any agricultural or farming building material.  Yet steel frame buildings are also light and easy to transport, making providing steel kit form buildings with the preferred solution.

As much as the UK is not prone for regular wild-fires or earthquakes, steel buildings are erected to withstand all that mother nature may throw at them. Meaning that should any of these natural disasters hit, you are same in the knowledge that your steel building with continue to stand straight, true and most importantly, safe. Thereby protecting the cattle, livestock or people living nearby.


Timmins Engineering recently underwent some work with Stencil Farm in Tickhall in which an award-winning farm shed was erected, complete with drying floors, potato store and a complete with the integration of renewable energy.