Get your farm building solutions in just 4 weeks!

Timmins Engineering offer some of the best quality and time-efficient farm building solutions on the market.

Boasting to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of steel frame buildings and steel portal frame kits for the agricultural, industrial, residential, and recycling sectors. The once small family run business is growing from strength to strength. Now an award-winning, expansion packed company, Timmins Engineering are able to manufacture farm building solutions in under four weeks.

One of their latest projects which was an American style equestrian building took just one week to complete the onsite build as the design and fabrication is all done off-site. This time effective means of steeling building fabrication is winning deals for Timmins as it minimises time spent on site. This not only means less disruption and noise on-premises, but it also generates much less mess.

Timmins Engineerings 1.3-acre plot at Caenby Hall, Lincoln is a vast production facility. Meaning multiple projects can be worked on at any one time. The company is still owned by the Timmins family, and despite significant growth, still holds the same ethos to quality and personal, approachable service. The company owners and directors are very much customer-facing, they are involved in each project from start to finish, ensuring every stage meets stringent quality checks. Even a quick build under four weeks still has the same level of care, attention and time put into ensuring every detail is perfect.

In addition to steel frame fabrication, Timmins are also suppliers of flashings, cladding, roofing, guttering and more. Offering a full turnkey service is what makes Timmins stand out from the competition. Not relying on other contractors and suppliers also aids the speed of the service.

So if you’re in need of a grain store, cattle building, drying floor or crop storage, Timmins Engineering is certainly the place to go for the most efficient service, contact the approachable team today.

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