Huge Investment & Expansion For Timmins Engineering

2017 has been a year that we will not be forgetting in a hurry at Timmins Engineering! It all began with an expansion and relocation in February, to our new, much larger steelwork site. Based at Caenby Hall Business Park at Caenby Corner.

This million-pound investment brings a very exciting future for the team at Timmins. We are now able to provide a full in-house turnkey steel service. From full planning applications, to design, fabrication, and installation by our highly qualified team of structural engineers.

This new site also houses our plasma profiling machine, which is one of the largest within Lincolnshire. It is capable of cutting steel which is up to 50mm thick. With a 6m x 3m bed, our plasma cutter has become an integral part of our steel profiling service.

Internal Expansion

As well as physically moving to a larger, more versatile site, the internal team at Timmins has grown gradually over the past few years. Enabling us to meet the demands of our clients. Due to the increased demand for our services within both the industrial and agricultural industries, Timmins have taken on more employees in key roles. This is to ensure that we continue to provide the very best service to our customers. We are committed to providing the best steel frame buildings and crop drying solutions nationally.

New Website

You may have noticed a slightly different look and feel to Timmins Engineering over the past month or so. We have invested in a shiny new website! Our old website was a little outdated to say the least, and it didn’t detail the full range of services that Timmins has to offer.

The team at have done a great job, and have helped us to showcase both the services and industries that Timmins work within. We do love the mobile-friendliness of the site too!


We were absolutely delighted to win an industry-recognised award during 2017. The RIDBA Awards, formerly known as the Farming and Agricultural Buildings Awards (FAB) are the highlight of industry calendar. Bringing together a diverse range of projects.

The RIBDA Building Awards celebrate the best in rural and industrial buildings. They highlight the quality workmanship and innovate solutions within the industry.

Timmins Engineering proudly won the Storage Building Award for the agricultural steel frame building, complete with renewable energy detailing at Stancil Farm, in Doncaster.

Ed Timmins, Director at Timmins Engineering stated:

‘We are extremely pleased to have won this 2017 Storage Building Award. Timmins is a family-run business, and with our extensive agricultural background we understand the needs of farmers. Particularly when it comes to their steel frame buildings.

This agricultural storage building at Stancil Farm shows the high quality of buildings that TImmins produce on a regular basis. It was designed bespokely to suit the requirements of the farmer.’

Plans for the Future

So as you can see, 2017 has been a hugely successful year for Timmins Engineering. But we don’t plan on stopping there!

We are planning yet another expansion to add onto our new site in Market Rasen. With the construction of a new steel frame building to house more equipment. The rest – well, you will just have to wait and see.