Industrial Buildings: The Full Turnkey Solution

From planning to completion, let Timmins Engineering handle your industrial building construction with a full turnkey solution.

It is not always the easiest of processes, to get your industrial building from paper to the ground, but the process can be made simple with the right expertise.

Timmins offers a full turnkey solution

What that means for you, is that we handle everything. From the initial building consultation and design to the planning stages. The construction of new premises nearly always needs an application for planning permission. There are a whole host of stipulations which effects what type of building can be erected in a particular location, plus the endless paperwork, but what if there was a supplier that can help take the pressure away?

Once the planning permission has been grated, Timmins will get to work on designing and manufacturing your industrial building. With experience in the building:

  • retail units
  • workshops
  • garages
  • storage units
  • offices

The possibilities are endless in terms of what we can achieve for you. All of Timmins work is using steel, it is the preferred choice of material due to its strength and durability, not to mention cost savings.

Our industrial buildings are kit form and can therefore arrive with you flat-packed and ready for assembling or complete the solution with our erection process too. We will also manufacture and complete your building with polyester coated or plastisol cladding depending on your requirements.

Speak to the expert team today about your next project.