Agricultural Buildings

Fabrication experts for agricultural buildings & machinery sheds

Our wealth of knowledge as steel building contractors in the agricultural building market helps us to produce a wide range of steel frame buildings for storage, drying of crops, general-purpose farm buildings and cattle buildings.

We build all types of possible structures, including barns and grain stores, horse livery stables and machinery shelters. Because we offer a complete project design service and we take care of the application process too. Our full turnkey services provide you with the confidence that each step of your agricultural building project will be project managed, regulated, and will meet your every requirement.

Crop drying and storage solutions

Designed and manufactured from the highest quality materials, we offer a full range of drive-on ventilated flooring systems that can withstand heavy agricultural machinery. These cost-effective solutions are easily integrated with existing grain stores to maximise storage efficiency.


CE Certified Steelwork

All of the steel frame buildings are designed to BS EN 1090-2:2009 standards, and are fully CE certified. Timmins provide a full turnkey service – from design, through to fabrication and installation, and all of the agricultural steel frame buildings are the very highest of quality.

Timmins are able to have complete control over the quality of both the components and materials used, offering a cost-effective solution for customers. Your project will be delivered on time and within budget.

The agricultural buildings and structures that are manufactured on-site are suitable for a wide range of applications. Timmins offers a range of cladding options to suit your individual requirements from fibre cement sheets, to insulated steel panels.

The expert team design and fabricate bespoke structural steel frame buildings like no other, with high attention to detail, and providing a cost-effective solution for grain storage. You can see why Timmins Engineering is one of the leading suppliers of agricultural sheds and buildings. If you are looking for advice and help on manufacturing or fabrication of buildings including grain stores and machinery sheds get in contact with us today.

Building Relocation

Timmins Engineering provides a full building relocation service, so if you are needing to move premises, you can take your agricultural steel frame buildings with you. The team will carry out an extensive initial site visit, to fully understand your requirements, before a fully Health & Safety qualified team carry out the deconstruction.

If required, Timmins can carry out full civil engineering and groundworks assessments and prepare the site for installation. Utilising the very latest GPS technology allows the team to be completely accurate when setting out a construction site, reducing the chances of costly mistakes further down the line.

Alternatively, Timmins has over 35 years of experience working alongside structural engineers and contractors. The expert team always ensures projects are delivered both on time, and within budget, no matter what.