Industrial Steel Buildings

Timmins Engineering has built hundreds of steel industrial buildings structures, ranging from simple storage buildings to large factories, for customers all over Great Britain. Our experience and expertise mean your building will be designed to meet your requirements and your project will be completed on time and within budget. Timmins were one of the first in the country to become CE accredited for structural steelwork, and are renowned for fabricating high quality, long-lasting industrial steel frame buildings. The team at Timmins are committed to providing you with the very best solution.

International Standards

Manufacturing over 50 tonnes of steel per week, Timmins Engineering is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of industrial steel buildings. We provide a range of industrial steel buildings, including milling units, large capacity storage units and company offices. The purpose-built site at Timmins HQ allows for the production of industrial steel buildings both nationally and internationally.

Industrial Steel Buildings After-Sales

Timmins Engineering is renowned for excellent levels of service throughout projects. The first point of contact you have will always be with one of the directors, meaning that Timmins get to know your full requirements from the start. Your project will be managed by only 1 team from conception to completion, which ensures that you have regular communication with senior staff, and nothing is missed from the specification.

Following the completion of your industrial steel buildings, this same team will also be on hand to provide after-sales support and advice. Timmins care about the needs of customers, and it is important to ensure that their new bespoke steel building is exactly what they had in mind. 

Fully Certified Industrial Engineers

Timmins are fully CDM (Construction Design Management) compliant and have worked for key construction companies over the years. The full in-house turnkey process enables Timmins to facilitate design, fabrication and installation. Timmins fabricate bespoke industrial steel frame buildings, manufactured directly from the site in Lincolnshire.

As well as the full steelwork, Timmins also design, supply and install key steel components for industrial steel buildings. This includes roofing, cladding, and doors for industrial units, where all of the construction material is hand-selected for its strength, durability and quality.

Why build industrial buildings with steel?

Steel is one of the most widely used building materials in construction today, mainly because of its versatility, durablility, and affordability.

  • Steel is one of the few metals that is continuously recyclable. In any steel structure, you are likely to find at least 25% recycled steel. The recycling process does not break down or weaken steel which means it can enter a closed loop circular economy.
  • Steel is versatile. It has an endless number of uses, from some of the world most expensive structures, such as the $15 billion the Abraj Al Bait in Saudi Arabia. To some more recognisable constructions such as The Shard or Gerkin in London.
  • The strength of steel is unbelievable. It can withstand all-natural and man-made wear and tear including; termites, fire, rust and rot. Steel constructions will last the test of time, extreme weather and heavy use. There is not a material that has these same properties.