Recycling & Renewable Energy

Timmins Engineering have manufactured and installed a wide range of waste management centres across the UK. The industrial strength buildings are fully CE certified and are produced to BS EN 1090-2:2009 standards.

Timmins have the facility to provide a full turnkey design, fabrication and installation service for bespoke steel framed structures. The highly qualified team specialise in manufacturing industrial steel frame buildings for the waste management and waste handling industry. You can expect consistent communication throughout the entire project, and Timmins will work closely alongside you to determine the best structure to maximise interior space.

Nationwide Contractors

Timmins regularly work with structural steel engineers, and are main contractors to both national land agents and insurance companies. Some of the projects working alongside other contractors include: developing skip transfer facilities, biomass energy buildings, and scrap metal recycling companies.

The recycling steel building services are offered on a national level, and Timmins are regular suppliers of both buildings and groundworks to several companies within the recycling industry.

Improve Recycling Efficiency

By installing a bespoke industrial steel frame building to meet the needs of your recycling centre, you will notice increased efficiency. The steel frames that Timmins manufacture protect against damp and humid environments, which are often generated within plastic recycling centres in particular. By having a more effective ventilation system, working conditions will improve dramatically, and recycling trucks will be easily able to move into and out of the recycling facility.

To reduce the level of dust created within recycling facilities, Timmins are also able to fit misting systems to your industrial steel frame building. This will allow you to carry out recycling screening and processing under cover, rather than being exposed to the elements.

Renewable Energy

As well as supplying the recycling industry with industrial steel buildings, Timmins Engineering are keen on working towards a more sustainable future. Within the design process, the designers are able to specify buildings to accommodate solar panels. These are particularly common within the agricultural industry as an additional source of revenue for farmers. Particularly with the continued escalation of conventional energy.

Contact us today if you require a new steel constructed waste management centre, or are interested in finding out more about renewable energy schemes.

Biomass Buildings

Timmins are main contractors to various Biofuel companies and are able to offer various solutions for all your boiler housing, storage clamps, storage & drying buildings. Designing and manufacturing high steel framed structures to support and house gasifier units. Providing bespoke biomass buildings, tailored to your individual requirements.


Zero Carbon Policy

The recent introduction of the Government’s Zero Carbon policy outlines the increased need for sustainable, green growth. It is therefore even more important that new agricultural steel frame buildings are designed in the most sustainable way possible. This is why providing an in-house turnkey service is so vital for Timmins Engineering. Timmins don’t have to contract out steel fabrication, manufacture or design, so these costs are kept lower for customers. It also reduces the carbon footprint of the company.

Due to the extensive availability of roof space on agricultural steel frame buildings, now is the best time to be investing in solar panels. Timmins can carry out full installation of PV solar panels at the point of construction, and provide an on-farm energy resource assessment. You will receive the very best service, and Timmins are fully compliant with the latest regulations surrounding installation of electrical systems within livestock sheds.