Residential Buildings

Expand Your Home

Timmins Engineering offers the perfect structural house beam detail and fabrication for your home extensions. There has been a significant rise in popularity for using steel portal frames to expand the size of domestic properties or build additional outbuildings as part of your home.

Timmins Engineering has a wealth of experience and impressive awards cabinet that backs up the quality of our work, delivery and service. Whether you are looking for the complete concept to completion home extensions job or the purchase of structural house beams, cladding, flashings or fixings, we have the solution for you.

Our dedicated team can bring your dream home plans to reality, we truly care about your ideas and expectations and plan for every eventuality. Our roots stem from building large industrial and agricultural buildings, where detailed project management is key. Therefore home extension will be built with the same degree of accuracy, detail and quality.

CE Certified Steelwork for Quality Home Extensions

All of Timmins steel frame buildings are designed to BS EN 1090-2:2009 standards and are fully CE certified. Timmins are able to have complete control over the quality of both the components and materials used, offering a cost-effective solution for your home extensions. Your build will be delivered on time and within budget.

Using steel portal buildings for your home extension is the economical choice, steel is a relatively low-cost building solution, which lasts the test of time. This form of building is not only one of the most robust on the market, but it can also be assembled quicker. Much of the manufacturing takes place on-site at our base in Lincoln. This reduces the distription to your everyday life while the building work is on-going.

Impressive Plasma Cutting

Our impressive in-house plasma cutter is the largest in Lincolnshire, providing us with the most bespoke range of profiling options available, giving your property expansion or remodel that extra edge. With plasma cutting, your structural steel building will be fabricated to meet your individual needs and requirements, so the sky really is the limit.