Building Refurbishment & Asbestos Cladding Removal

Building Refurbishment

Alongside the structural steelworks construction services, Timmins Engineering also regularly carry out steel building refurbishment. Including dismantling and alterations.

Storm damage is a common issue within the agricultural industry. With an extensive agricultural background, Timmins understand the requirements of farmers. As well as the importance of securing buildings within a short timescale. The team ensure that any roofing, or structural damage is fixed efficiently and cost-effectively. The experienced in-house team carry out regular building refurbishment works. Timmins Engineering are main contractors to insurance companies, and are very experienced when repairing agricultural steel frame buildings under insurance claims.

Timmins will carry out an extensive site visit in the first instance, to assess the damage. This allows the preparation of an exact estimate from the start of the process. Timmins will also consider the most cost-effective method of repairing the damage too. If it will cost more to repair an existing building, than to manufacture a new one, the team will be completely transparent.

Asbestos Cladding Removal

Are you concerned that cladding on your premises contains asbestos? Timmins Engineering are fully trained in cladding and asbestos cladding removal service, and have years of experience within this field.

The initial site visit will include a full building survey to assess the level of asbestos cladding removal required. All necessary Risk and Method Assessments will be carried out, in line with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.

In some instances, asbestos-containing materials may not necessarily need to be removed, and can be over-clad instead. This is particularly common in asbestos roof coverings. The team of experts at Timmins will take the time to carry out a full inspection before commencing asbestos removal. The most cost-effective method will always be used, to suit your individual requirements.

Over-cladding is an aesthetically pleasing solution, and ensures your steel frame building remains watertight. It is also the best method for causing minimal disruption as no roof material needs to be removed.


Peace of Mind

If you have a building that requires replacement of asbestos which contains cladding, please contact us to arrange a free consultation. By hiring a professional, qualified asbestos cladding removal team, your building will be out of use for the shortest time possible. Timmins provide an outstanding level of service, putting your mind at ease.

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