Crop Drying & Storage Solutions

Timmins Engineering are experts in building agricultural crop drying & storage solutions. Offering a full range of drive-on ventilated flooring systems. Designed and manufactured to withstand the weight of agricultural harvesting machinery. The ventilated flooring distributes air evenly and efficiently. Enabling grain to be loaded quickly and stored continually at high temperatures, which removes the need for re-handling.

Timmins provide a full turnkey crop drying & storage solution service. From innovative design, to perfect installation by the highly skilled technicians. DIY installation is also an option. This is where Timmins provide you with the materials needed to erect your crop drying storage steel building.

The team are also on hand to integrate ventilated flooring, stirrers, and centrifugal/axial fans into your agricultural steel frame building. Just get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

Suction Walls

In recent years, box potato stores with a suction wall have gained vast popularity. The air distribution is improved drastically by matching the openings in the suction wall to the air volume. This allows the air pattern to be much more evenly distributed throughout the store. Resulting in more efficient crop drying & storage.

The suction wall that Timmins manufacture in-house is unique, and is designed within the building fabric itself. It consists of an internal galvanised frame for increased structural strength, as well as improved access.

Floor Duct System

If you are storing bulk root crops, a floor duct system may be better suited to your requirements. The unique system that Timmins manufactures consists of precast and cast in-situ concrete with keruing top boards for increased longevity. The floor duct systems Timmins design and manufacture are easy to maintain. We understand the time constraints that farmers are under.

Hardwood Drying & Conditioning Floors

Timmins design and manufacture hardwood drying and conditioning floors, bespoke to your individual requirements and budget. The team are highly skilled experts, and have vast agricultural knowledge. They are able to advise you on the best crop drying & storage solution for your needs.

The process of manufacturing hardwood drying floors involves the wood being kiln-dried. This creates a top quality finish, highly durable crop drying floor, designed to last. Timmins design, manufacture and install hardwood drying floors into any new grain store building. Alternatively, Timmins are able to advise on altering existing buildings in order to accommodate the hardwood drying floor.

Alternative Crop Drying Solutions

As well as the revolutionary drying and conditioning floors, Timmins also manufacture a range of other methods for crop drying. From gas burners to aid grain and root crop drying. To axial flow fans for high efficiency performance. To reduce drying cost of bulk stores, Timmins also integrate grain stirrers into current agricultural buildings. 

Whatever your requirements, Timmins are able to design and manufacture a wide range of solutions to meet your requirements. We provide a full in-house turnkey solution. Contact the experts today to find out further information about crop drying & storage solutions.

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