Professional Plasma Profiling

Timmins Engineering boast one of the largest plasma cutters in Lincolnshire. With a 6m x 3m bed, which cuts steel of up to 50mm thick. With wide experience in providing a full plasma profiling service, including both plasma cutting and professional plasma profiling. Timmins also facilitate part number etching detail as part of the service.

A cost-effective alternative to laser and flame cutting, plasma cutting is ideal for profiling mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Timmins have an in-house computer numerical control (CNC) plasma cutter. Which is an ideal choice for large sheets of structural steel that require high accuracy, smooth edges. It also allows multi-axis cutting of thick steel. Meaning that complex welding seams can be produced.

This fully automated plasma profiling service cuts down on both fabrication time and cost. Therefore reducing the length of the project. The perfect solution for those who have time and budget constraints. Working with the in-house design team, Timmins can offer a complete turnkey solution to your plasma profiling needs.

Precision Hole Technology

For enhanced hole quality, Timmins use True Hole technology as part of the plasma profiling. This enables delivery of a true ‘bolt-hole’ quality for seamless integration when erecting steel frame buildings. Bolt hole quality is essential within the steel construction industry. The ‘ding’ is reduced and biased to the outside of the hole using this technology. Professional plasma profiling produces high quality steel fixtures and fittings, that are designed to last.

State Of The Art Machinery

With patented drag technology, the plasma cutter provides a superior cut quality. It also has an integrated Powercool design, to cool the internal components. For added reliability and improved uptime. If you require a high volume of plasma profiling, you can rest assured that Timmins Engineering will be able to turnaround your project in a timely manner.

The plasma cutter easily handles large steel plates, producing quality parts time and time again. The accuracy and precision of the machine ensures the parts fit together seamlessly. Which means less fabrication time is therefore required. A full supply and delivery service is available. Contact us today for further information on the professional plasma profiling service that Timmins provide.

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