Structural Steel Services

Timmins Engineering provide full detailing and fabrication structural steel services to suit your structural steel requirements. The team have worked on various residential, agricultural, industrial, commercial and development projects over the past 35 years, and are very experienced in this field.

Timmins provide a full in-house service within the purpose built workshop. Carrying out steel connection detailing, fabrication, painting, and then deliver your structural steel directly to you. The highly qualified operatives at Timmins are able to detail and fabricate structural steel within very tight timeframes. Maintaining the very highest quality service.

All of the steel is certified to BS EN 1090-2:2009 regulations. Timmins Engineering were one of the first companies in the UK to become CE accredited for structural steelwork. Guaranteed quality.

Residential Steel House Beams

As well as painting and supplying the structural steel beams for new home builds, renovations, building refurbishments or house extensions, Timmins also carry out fabrication of steel beams, posts and lintels. If required, the team can also provide on-site installation and welding of the steel to concrete fixings, and steel posts.

The highly qualified team have worked within the building trade for a number of years. Timmins understand the timescales associated with structural steel house beams, and that builders require delivery within a specific schedule. Fully committed to delivering on time, Timmins ensure the building site experiences minimal downtime due to delays in their schedule.

Free on-site advice is also provided if required, advising the builders of the best installation method for the metal support beams. Communication between parties will be regular throughout your project, minimising any chance for errors.

Commercial Steel Beams

Timmins Engineering regularly produce over 50 tonnes of steel weekly, allowing the facilitation of large industrial and commercial structures. With experience of working closely with structural engineers, architects and builders, Timmins are committed to delivering the highest quality commercial steel services.

A full service is provided by Timmins. From an initial on-site survey to confirm the full project specification, to in-house detailing and painting by expert teams. And of course final delivery. An on-site welding service is also provided, allowing the builders to continue with their more important tasks.

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