Steel Farm Shed | Stancil Farm, Tickhill

The Brief

We were approached by James at Stancil Farm, who was after a new steel farm shed for storing their potatoes. This wasn’t any ordinary steel farm shed store though, James wanted an underfloor ducting system, and within a very tight timescale. The potato harvest was soon upon him, and James needed this bespoke build in time.

See how Timmins created this unique crop drying and storage solution, complete with the integration of renewable energy, adding another source of revenue for James.

The Solution

After discussing James’ full requirements, the team at Timmins got underway in designing this bespoke steel farm shed for potato storage, complete with an innovatively designed under floor ducting system.

The in-house design team set to work utilising pre-cast concrete panels within the design. This created a unique ducting system, which allowed a large volume of air flow through the crop. Hardwood lift out panels were also included within this crop drying and storage solution, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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Renewable Energy Design

This agricultural steel frame building at Stancil farm also incorporated two outside covered areas creating additional storage for the refrigeration equipment. As well as being custom designed to suit James’ requirements, the farm shed also utilised the roof space for renewable energy. Including solar panels for additional revenue, and a rain water harvesting system to save on spraying expense.

So we created a unique crop storage and drying solution, with an award winning design and also helped to save the client money in the long run. A very sustainable, high quality purchase.

Most importantly. the client was over the moon with the result. It went on to win awards of RIDBA, while fulfilling James’s needs. His turnover is now vastly increased and we are proud to have him as a happy client – thank you James!


We are extremely impressed with our new bespoke bulk potato store designed, manufactured and installed by Timmins. The quality of work was top-notch, and we had regular communication with Dave throughout the process. Timmins completely understood our requirements, making the build stress-free. The turnaround was very quick too – the timescale was very tight with the upcoming harvest!

James Durdy -Tickhill, Stancil Farm