Kit Form Building | Lincolnshire

The Brief

We were approached to provide an American style barn/stable with a general purchase kit form building.

The idea of the building was to house his horses and include separate rooms for a hay store and tack room. The client had a very good idea of the design specifications including the sizing and finished look, yet he had been struggling to find a quality company to complete the work.

The complete solution

Timmins Engineering offers the complete solution, for this client, in particular, our services covered:

  • initial consultation meeting
  • obtaining planning permission
  • design phase
  • fabrication, including plasma cutting
  • shipping
  • erecting the kit form building
  • cladding, flashings and guttering.

The final project

I took a total of one week to complete the build, we can erect kit form buildings of this nature incredibly quickly as the majority of the fabrication is done on our site, not the clients.

This also limited disturbance at the client’s property where this new kit form building was erected.

Overall, the client was incredibly impressed with the finished result and the speed of the whole process. The building is still in keeping with its rural setting without appearing too industrial. This was a critical specification as the location of the building is within a conservation area, therefore had very strict planning stipulations. Yet, it houses his horses perfectly in a safe environment, free from damp, dust, and debris.