Bomber County Gateway Trust | Lincolnshire Bomber Command

Timmins Engineering & Construction Ltd are currently working alongside the Bomber County Gateway Trustto complete a unique project featuring some interesting structural steelwork.

The project will recreate a full-size model of an Avro Lancaster bomber, in-flight, heading in the direction of RAF Swinderby. It weighs in at nearly 60 tons and Timmins is fabricating the main structural skeleton of the bomber to ensure an accurate recreation.

This is the brainchild of Ken Sadler, the chairman of Bomber County Gateway Trust. Lincolnshire has a long and proud history of aviation and was a crucial location for the RAF during World War 2.

The podium for the display is already in place – which was constructed by William Hares – and Timmins will be starting fabrication in the next few weeks. This will include putting together the complete bomber skeleton once the final design phase has been approved.

Once in place, the model is to be clad in Cor-Ten steel to create a realistic look and, after surface rust has settled, the colours will match the markings from the real Lancaster.

The Lancaster Bomber is to be sited between Lincoln and Newark on the side of the A46 as a landmark to welcome visitors to Lincolnshire. It will also provide a permanent tribute to the County’s links to Bomber Command and the RAF in general.

For more information about the project, or help support and donate, head over to Bomber County Gateway Trust.

Pre-Production Meeting today with the fabricators, featuring our very own, Ed Timmins and Dave Starling. Along with Shaun Hyde and Mark Hyde from MHME Lincolnshire, who will be crafting the propellers and gun turrets.

Luke, from the team at Timmins, bringing the idea on paper to the big screen! If you would like to be part of the project, Bomber Gateway Trust still need donations to make it a success.