Building Consultancy & Planning Services

Complete building consultancy and planning permission assistance.

Alongside providing a full turnkey structural steel services to the agricultural and industrial sectors, Timmins can also take care of building consultancy, and offer a full planning service.

With all projects, Timmins provide building consultancy and a full planning service which includes the following:

  • Design
  • Planning drawings
  • Liaising with planning authorities
  • Arranging any additional inspections/surveys required
  • Planning submission and monitoring of the application through the whole process
  • Dealing with any concerns or issues raised by the planning officers

Our expert team take away the hassle of dealing with multiple points of contact, allowing for the smooth construction of your new agricultural or industrial steel frame building.

Planning Permission

Before construction, or even design, of your bespoke steel frame building occurs, you need to ensure you have the correct planning regulations in place.

If you continue to build, without meeting planning guidelines, you could face huge fines – and even asked to deconstruct the steel frame building.

With our expert planning team on hand to help, Timmins can ensure every step is taken to increase the chances of a successful planning application. Contact us today to get started.

Adding to your business

Applying for planning permission can often seem a daunting, and long-winded process. However, as a new steel frame building is likely to add to your business, councils usually act in favour.

With Timmins on side to liase with planning authorities, your new agricultural steel frame building will be designed with the authorities in mind. We take the time to understand surveys and inspections required by local councils, and adhere to the guidelines recommended.

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