Civil Engineering Groundwork

Timmins Engineering are highly experienced when it comes to civil engineering groundwork, from excavation works, to on-site drainage and infrastructure. The range of projects the Timmins team have worked on include foundations within site preparations, and also waste developments, ensuring the waste does not filter into the watercourse system.

The latest expansion at Timmins has provided the facilities to offer a full in-house service when it comes to civil engineering groundworkindustry. Constructing full building designs to meet your exact requirements, the civils team is on hand to help the project run smoothly and without fault.

Timmins Engineering have a proven track record of delivering challenging groundworks with constraints that have been uncontrollable. Despite this, Timmins always ensure our projects are delivered both on time and within budget. The team are extremely skilled when it comes to working through challenging situations during all stages, from the initial designs to completion and handover to groundworks contractors.

Latest groundworks technology 

With ultra-precision required within civil engineering, Timmins always invest in the very latest technology, enabling the best service possible to be provided. Concrete groundwork is carried out to 3mm precision when levelling, due to the technology involved in the laser screed process.

GPS total station setout facilities are also utilised, to enable accuracy and efficiency when setting out a construction or groundworks site. This reduces the amount of human error within a project, which often becomes costly and wastes time. By using this advanced technology, Timmins can establish any potential errors immediately, before civil engineering & groundwork even begins!

Main contractors for all civil engineering

Timmins Engineering have built a solid reputation within the civil engineering & groundworks industry and have carried out a variety of construction works nationally. Working as main contractors to national land agents, the level of attention to detail is impeccable, no matter how big or small the project that Timmins undertake. Timmins provide an outstanding level of hands-on service, whatever the size of the project. Contact us today for a quote, or to arrange a free consultation about the service we provide.

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