Building Refurbishment

Steel Building Refurbishment

Timmins regularly carry out steel building refurbishment, alongside the structural steelworks construction services including dismantling and alterations of industrial and agricultural steel frame buildings.

Sometimes steel buildings require routine refurbishment, not always due to damage, but often to prevent it. Sometimes you need to improve thermal efficiency or change the buildings use. Timmins Engineering have over 45 years experiencing in helping people just like you improve their existing steel buildings.

Initial site visit

Timmins will carry out an extensive site visit in the first instance, in order to assess the damage or improvements required. This allows the preparation of an exact estimate from the start of the process. The team will also consider the most cost-effective method of repairing the damage too. If it will cost more to repair an existing building than to manufacture a new one, the building refurbishment team will be completely transparent.

Building suffered storm damage?

Storm damage is a common issue within the agricultural industry, and with an extensive agricultural background, Timmins understand the requirements of farmers, as well as the importance of securing buildings within a short timescale. The team ensure that any roofing or structural damage is fixed efficiently and cost-effectively, carrying out regular building refurbishment works to the very highest standards.

Timmins Engineering is also the main contractor to many insurance companies and is therefore highly experienced when it comes to repairing agricultural steel frame buildings under insurance claims.

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