Steel Cladding Sheets

Timmins Engineering offers a wide range of steel cladding services

Available to buy off-the-shelf or as part of your Timmins Engineering construction. Our range includes single skin steel cladding sheets, twin skin and insulated cladding.

Ideally designed for a range of building uses, from livestock and agricultural sheds to industrial buildings as well as for domestic use and outbuildings.

We also have a great selection of accessories available, with GRP roof lights, Drip-stop Anti-Condensation, Flashings & Fixings to name a few.

Our expert team can help you to get your project underway, with high-quality products and efficient, professional services.

We are always happy to offer our knowledge and advice for any project – whether you are looking at renovating an existing building, or looking to build something from scratch.

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Insulated Cladding Panels

Our insulated cladding panels include sharp lines and clean edges, and are available in a range of finishes and colours.

These self-supporting composite panels are perfectly designed for building cladding.

These are both durable and appealing visually and versatile enough to be used within a range of industries, including leisure and hospitality, retail and business.

We offer AS35, ASMR panels, FAIRS (Factory Assembled Insulating Rooflights) and the roofing facade sheet Meta-Slate Plus System.

Single Skin Cladding Panels

These single skin cladding panels are suitable for both walls and roofs, and feature coated steel outer sheets rolled to shape.
We supply a full selection of flashing’s, fixings and guttering, as well as sealants, to ensure a perfect fit every time. These single skin panels are ideal for agricultural sheds, warehouses, industrial buildings, domestic buildings, and outbuildings.
Here at Timmins Engineering, we only use premium pre-coated rolled single skin steel sheets in our projects. We also offer additional products, including GRP Lights, Ventair for effective ventilation, and Fibre Cement roofing sheets.

Twin Skin Cladding Panels

These Twin Skin Cladding Panels give comprehensive and weatherproof coverage of your buildings. Our system includes spacers, fixings, and sealants, as well as  guttering, flashings and rooflights – whatever you need!

We can fit these Twin Skin Panels to a selection of buildings, including outbuildings, warehouses and industrial buildings.

Timmins Engineering also offers Gemello by SIG – which is a self-supporting twin skin system for your roofing and cladding needs.

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