The benefits of steel horse stables

If you keep horses on your property, you want to ensure they are safe, secure, and happy and how the benefits of steel horse stables could fit the bill.

Ensuring you have the right structure to house them in is important, not only to maintain their well-being but also to save you time and money in the long run.

So, why should you choose a steel horse stable?

Comparison to wood structures

In terms of initial cost, choosing a steel horse stable can be much cheaper than wooden ones, both in materials and construction labour.

This is due to them being easier to erect than wooden structures. They often arrive ready to install and can be built to your exact specifications.

Steel horse stables are also more adaptable for long term plans. Adding additional rooms or internal areas can be costly, difficult and time-consuming with wood, whereas steel can be easily added to or adapted as you need.

Maintenance of steel stables

Another big advantage of choosing a steel horse stable is that over time, you’ll have to spend less time and money maintaining it than you would for other materials.

Steel structures require less maintenance and can outlast wood, which can decay over time and eventually need replacing. This can be particularly costly if it is one of the structural supports that end up becoming worn down, as you’ll have to practically dismantle your building in order to fix it.

If you choose steel, it will not be affected by damp or pests such as termites, and will not require sealing as wood does. Both of these things can be expensive to maintain, so already you’ve made a saving by choosing steel.

Additionally, as anyone with horses knows, they need to live in a nice, clean environment, and steel horse stables are easy to clean and quick to dry, while also being resistant to rot, mould, and mildew.

Safety and security

Horses are intelligent and beautiful animals and those who keep them can get quite attached. So it’s no surprise that horse owners want to ensure their animals are safe, secure, and cared for wherever they are kept.

The fear of fire is a real one for many farmers, especially around Bonfire night or during dry periods. Metal is fire-resistant and so makes a safer home for your horses as opposed to wood, which can be a fire hazard.

Steel stables are also more secure, making it harder for thieves to break-in, or for animals to escape. Wood can be splintered or cut into, whereas metal is very tough to break into.

And outside of external influences, horses are known for nibbling on things they shouldn’t (it’s called cribbing) and wood is no exception. Using steel stables stops them from chewing or gnawing and potentially hurting themselves.

And finally, keeping your horses nice and warm is a priority in winter, so you’ll be happy to learn that steel horse stables are easy to insulate, and the extreme weather conditions that can warp wooden structures over time doesn’t affect steel, as it is far more durable.

The benefits of steel horse stables

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