The world’s largest steel super-structures

Since early antiquity, steel was produced on a small scale but now there’s steel super-structures.

While some archaeologists have discovered proof of steelmaking dating from 2000 BC, it was the industrial revolution of the 17th century when the first modern techniques for producing this particular metal structure became widely available and applied throughout the world.

Three centuries later man learnt how to properly make use of this metal in construction work and so was born fabrication and erection…

Steel based structures became very popular in the last century and they managed to take architects’ and engineers’ imagination beyond limits. It is now said that over 70% of all buildings erected in the last 20 years contain steel to some extent. It is the go-to material for its resilience, strength, recyclable abilities and multiple uses.

Steel super-structures

Here are twelve of the most amazing steel structures ever built by man.

  1. Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, USA
  2. Gateway Arch, St. Louis, USA
  3. Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA
  4. Basilica of San Sebastian, Manila, Philippines
  5. Tyne Bridge, Newcastle, UK
  6. Willis Tower, Chicago, USA
  7. Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney, Australia
  8. U.S. Steel Tower, Pittsburg, USA
  9. The New York Times Building, New York City
  10. Seagram Building, New York City, USA
  11. Tatara Bridge, Japan
  12. Inland Steel Building, Chicago, USA

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