Timmins Takes The Front Page for RIBDA

Timmins Engineering is proud to have been chosen for the front cover of RIBDA’s Farm Buildings Handbook – a very exciting piece of work that is going to provide information for a wealth of industries. We are very proud of our farm buildings and are honoured that RIBDA picked out one of ours to display.

The Farm Buildings Handbook is a valuable resource for farmers, land developers, and estate managers, giving helpful and vital information about the construction and maintenance of farm buildings and structures.

This guide offers a fantastic wealth of references, including the requirements of certain agricultural constructions, with information on vital topics such as how much space to allow livestock and how much waste stock produces.

The building in the photo is from Stancil Farm, requested by farm owner James to bulk store potatoes.

This was a unique build though, as James required both underfloor drying/conditioning and completion within a very tight timescale. Of course, Timmins Engineering loves nothing more than a challenge!

Timmins created the build to include a unique crop drying solution to meet the client’s needs, and integrated a renewable energy system, including solar panels and a rainwater harvester.

This project really fits in with the theme of the Farm Buildings Handbook, as this edition focuses on all aspects of farm construction, including planning, all types of buildings, legislation and regulations, construction technology, buildings for livestock production, storage, and other purposes, and buildings for diversification.


The Rural and Industrial Design and Building Association (RIDBA) is the leading trade association for the modern agriculture and industrial buildings industry in the UK.

As well as producing informational guides, such as the Farm Buildings Handbook, RIDBA also represents member views and opinions to the wider industry, including government bodies, leading client organisations, and other key stakeholders.