Uses of steel cladding sheets

Steel cladding sheets are a versatile choice for building construction for a variety of reasons. Lightweight, protective and affordable, they are used in a multitude of construction projects across the country.

Why Steel Cladding Sheets?Timmins steel cladding sheets

1. Protection

Cladding sheets add additional strength to buildings, shielding the internal building materials from the elements, including wind, rain, direct sunlight, low temperatures, and even pollution.

2. Non-combustible

Steel cladding means that the covering of your building is metal cladding buildings are not exempt from fire regulations but there are significant advantages of using steel cladding sheets over wood and other materials.

3. Low Maintenance

Steel cladding requires very little ongoing maintenance, especially when compared to other materials such as wood or stone. Once up, they don’t require regular treatment to keep them in good condition.

4. Lightweight

When thinking about the structure of your building, and factoring in suitable weights, steel cladding sheets are one of the lightest cladding options available. This also makes it easy to transport and install.

5. Eco-friendly

Steel sheets are often made from recycled materials, making them a great environmentally-friendly choice for builders looking to go green. Additionally, because they are made with recycled materials, they can also be reused once you no longer need them.

Uses of Steel Cladding Sheets

External protection 

Steel cladding is most commonly used as protection during building construction of steel-framed buildings. It does not affect the structural integrity, but provides insulation, improves aesthetics, and is added as an external surface.

Construction of new buildings

Steel frame buildings are often clad in steel sheets, and there’s a variety of different choices depending on the functionality of the building. From single skin to insulated panels, new buildings can be quickly erected and protected with the use of steel sheets.

Upgrades to existing buildings

Steel cladding is also used to improve the cosmetic appearance of existing buildings, such as adding balconies or updating the surface appearance. Polyester coated cladding is a quick and simple way to update buildings, while plastisol coated cladding has a longer life span and offers great protection.

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